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Enter a Hall of 40 Acoustic Guitars Played by Motors

Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing hum of Ruben D’Hers' 40-robot guitar band.
17 June 2015, 3:51pm
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Music and tech meet fashion in chords tunnel #1,Ruben D’Hers' shifting, interactive soundscape. D’Hers, a guitarist and sound artist from Caracas, sees “chords as autonomous sound spaces” and uses acoustic guitars and mechanical motors to create a unique tension between what is organic and what is machine. In this work, the musician hangs 40 acoustic guitars and 40 small suspended motors on the walls of the Center for Contemporary Art in Aalst, Belgium. With the help of a small propellor or vibrating cable on each guitar, each motor lightly strums a different chord, creating a mesmerizing dissonance. The motion of the motors is slight yet hypnotic and, when combined the tangled net of wires hanging from the ceiling, it makes the work visual as well as auditory.

Lose your self in the music of D'Hers's acoustic installation in the video and images below:

Hear more on Rubén D'Hers' website.


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