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IndyCar Driver Walks Away From Upside-Down Big-Air Accident

Helio Castroneves is one of the Indy 500's most successful drivers, but that didn't stop him having a huge accident in practice.

by VICE Sports
13 May 2015, 5:40pm

Helio Castroneves knows what he's doing at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The veteran Brazilian has won the Indy 500 three times and is this year targeting a fourth win, which would tie him as the historic race's most successful driver. He's driven thousands of laps of the circuit and probably knows every bump in its surface better than most of his friends. And Helio has a lot of friends

But even vastly experienced drivers with loads of friends can have huge crashes that remind them they're as mortal as anyone else. Castroneves had his today in practice.

He was typically chilled afterwards, however, describing the landing as "was very smooth." The former Dancing with the Stars winner also noted that, "Seeing the images I thought it was a 10." But he wasn't all cool, adding: "trust me, it was a code brown," in a conversation with journalist Robin Miller.

Incredibly the Brazilian - who turned 40 earlier this week - was able to walk away from the accident. Whether he'll feel any long-term effects into the race (which takes place on May 24th) remains to be seen. What he won't want to do is get quite so upside-down ever again. Ever.