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Get Money to the Sound of Nines’ New Track “High Roller”

The London MC enlists J Hus on hook duty.

by Lauren O'Neill
03 February 2017, 9:55am

Rap songs about getting rich are an age-old, time-honoured art form. Furs and cars and chains and stacks have been part of rap's fabric for years now – and if you don't enjoy a three-minute brag fest, I am terribly sorry but you hate fun.

One rapper who's especially proficient in discussing exactly how much he's making is Nines, the northwest London MC with an album coming via XL later this year, who's new track "High Roller" is pretty much an ode to getting as much money as possible.

With J Hus providing a hook so London its favourite food is probably jellied eels ("high roller, bipolar / in the fly motor," told you), Nines' drawly flow crawls over the bass-heavy beat with ease, and if the video (co-directed by Nines) hasn't inspired you to save up for a Mercedes and a mink coat by the end, you're probably watching it wrong.

Watch the video for "High Roller" below:

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