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It's Freezing Outside, Let Waze & Odyssey's "Feel On Fire" Warm Your Loins

This song may very well save your life.
17 February 2015, 12:55am

I'm writing this from New York City, so I can assure you, baby, it's cold outside. Like really, seriously cold. Like on the level of that scene from one of the best disaster flicks ever, The Day After Tomorrow, where the massive eye of the storm passes through and people literally are outrunning the cold for fear of death-by-freeze. (There's music below—keep reading, please.)


Ok, maybe I went a little far there, but still, it's brick. And what better way to inject some much needed warmth into your freezing loins, then with some smooth and saucey house music from one of the leading voices in smooth, saucey house music: Waze & Odyssey.

This = good!

As part of their forthcoming Ways Of The Underground EP (to be released on their own W&O Street Tracks label), "Feel On Fire" carries a skipping beat with sides of potent warped bass, as well as some vocals that will raise the thermometer on your life. So you should probably listen to this, so you don't end up like those frozen old people from Day After Tomorrow. Yes, that's right—this shit could save your life.

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