Weed Week

Weed Is Bad, Actually

An impassioned critique of the world's deadliest drug a.k.a. marijuana.

by A Straight Edge Guy
19 April 2017, 7:12am

This article originally appeared on Noisey US

Here's a little "nugg" of info for you, weed lovers: 100 percent of people who try marijuanas will die someday. 100 percent! Put that in your bong and smell it, Cheech.

This week marks the marijuana "holiday" known as 4/20, which you may know by its street names: Weed Christmas and Chronukah. It also happens to be Hitler's birthday. (Hmmm, coincidence?) Now, being a smart person, I don't "puff on the ganja" myself, and will be abstaining from this day, and suggest you do as well. Here's why.

Marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs like LSD, PCP, and EDM. One day you're snorting weed bongs and the next thing you know, you're hanging out at seedy clubs like Reddit doing AMAs. So remember, the next time you take a "hit" off of that cannabis cigarette, you're one step closer to being an ICP addict.

But as harmful as the deadly THC ingredient of marijuana is, over the last few years, reefering has become more commonplace in American culture. Many popular hip-hop and rock acts advocate for the use of dropping hits of weed, and adhere to the "smoke them if you have any" philosophy. Walk down the street in the worst cities in America and you'll see kids wearing t-shirts with pot leaves on them. Might as well say: "Put me in jail." Some states have even legalized Satan's tobacco and it's not out of the ordinary to see someone doing a line of weed right out in public!

Hollywood movies have also begun glorifying the idea of being "stoneheads" with movies like Pineapple Express, Half Baked, and La La Land. But in reality, the actors are smoking fake pot on set because the real stuff would:
1. Be illegal.
2. Impair their acting abilities.
3. Do physical harm to the weaker actors. Michael Cera would be outright killed.

Ultimately, not much is known about the long-term effects of pot use since all the scientists exposed to the drug while studying it have died weed-related deaths, adding to the astronomical number weed fatalities per year. Experts believe that, in America, a person overdoses every single second on pot cookies alone.

I'll be "blunt" with you (that's a little bit of a joke, even though there's nothing funny about pot culture), weed kills. Also, pregnant women who smell pot smoke give birth to babies who look like Seth Rogen. Pot dealers are the most reviled criminals among prison inmates. Kids doing vape tricks is why the police shut Vine down. And Radiohead doesn't actually sound good.

This 4/20, don't "blaze down."

xXx Thank you. xXx