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Ronaldinho Tears Through Indian Premier Futsal Match with Five Insane Goals

What a time to be an old, washed-up footballer.

by Liam Daniel Pierce
18 July 2016, 9:30am

In a way, it always seemed like Ronaldinho was destined to play futsal in an obscure league. The former Barcelona star fell from the top-tier perhaps a little too early for many – arguably because he loves the party too much. And yes, he's 36, and yes, he put on weight in the past. But he's always been phenomenal in tight spaces, with his countless circus shots and passes – plus, futsal requires less running.

In fact, Ronaldinho started out playing on small courts as a kid. Now he's showing us that it's a perfect fit, all over again. Cradle to the grave; womb to tomb, baby.

Despite losing 4-2 to Kolkata, and not scoring for his side Goa 5s in the debut of the brand new India Premier Futsal league on Friday, Ronaldinho put on a show in his second appearance, ripping the net five times in a spectacular display of skill.

The old man's still got it.

While it's hard to drum up excitement about new leagues, Premier Futsal also boasts the likes of Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Hernan Crespo, Michel Salgado, and the legendary Falcão. (Not that one, this one.)

On a side note: it seems like it's a week for "oh yeah, that guy"s, as Joe Cole scored a pretty little goal for the NASL's Tampa Bay Rowdies.

What a time to be an old, washed-up footballer.