Scooby Snacks on Sauchiehall Street: S-Type's Guide to Glasgow

One of LuckyMe's own gives us a tour of Scotland's dance capital.

by Josh Baines
09 April 2015, 11:25am

As you might have noticed, we're on a bit of a Glasgow tip at the moment, so we thought why not let one of the city's hottest talents sing it and celebrate it, like a Patta clad Walt Whitman.

Born in Edinburgh but based in Glasgow, Bobby Perman, AKA S-Type is a key part of the city's globally renowned LuckyMe collective. He's dropped a trio of Grade-A classics on the label in Billboard, Rosario and SV8 and looks set to throw out bombastic, ecstatic, monumentally huge, boundary pushing instrumental hip hop over the next few years with gay abandon.

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We caught up with Perman to get the lowdown on the city from ground level.

THUMP: What's your favourite spot to pick up second hand records?

Photo via Mixed Up Records

S-Type: Mixed Up Records, a wee shop tucked away on Otago Lane in the West End. It's actually quite hard to find. Sometimes there's piles of records all over the place. I love record shops that aren't super organised - it's a more of a challenge. If you look hard enough you can find some real gems in there for cheap.

Where does the best pre-club drinks?

Distill, formerly IVY in Finnieston. They've got a crazy rum selection, a wall full of different bottles. Also try the tequila/verditta shots. A lot of friends and I (including most of the LuckyMe & Numbers roster) have had DJ residencies and thrown parties here in the past - it's got a lot of history.

Who serves up the nicest post-club food?

Photo via Colin Young

There's a bunch of greasy places on Sauchiehall Street, but walk past them all and go to The Maggie food truck at Charing Cross. Get yourself a Scooby Snack - burger, square sausage, bacon, tattie scone, a fried egg and cheese in a roll.

You've got all your best friends in town for the night: where do you take them to dance till dawn?

S-Type and Eclair Fifi at The Art School. (Photo by Jack Wrigley)

I go to The Art School most weekends, some of my friends put nights on there. By day it's the GSA student union and at night it's one of the most popping clubs in the city. There are two rooms, the Vic Bar downstairs and the main room upstairs, where I play a lot. It was closed for almost three years for refurbishment - we definitely felt it's absence.

Who's the native Glaswegian DJ you think the world at large needs to know about?

My boy Inkke - he's a young DJ/producer from Glasgow who's worked with Novelist and a few others. He features on my new EP and has a some exciting projects coming this year.

A summer's afternoon. Not a care in the world. Twenty quid in your pocket. Where do you go, how do you spend it?

Photo via valakirka

I'd round up my people, go to a cheap supermarket - buy a disposable BBQ, meat and a crate of beers. We've got this spot next to Kelvingrove Park which is pretty much hidden, where the police don't patrol. Weirdly, you get fined for drinking in public in Glasgow and they're all over the park in summer.

I'm in Glasgow for an afternoon. I want to go to a gallery and buy a pair of trainers. Where do you head me?

Photo via Fat Buddah

I'd send you to the CCA (Contemporary Centre For Arts) on Sauchiehall Street. It's relaxing, they've got a good cafe/bar and host a wide range of exhibitions - I went to the premiere of a skate film there recently. For trainers go to Fat Buddha, an awesome independent menswear shop in town.

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