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Chance the Rapper Doing the #OptimisticChallenge is the Ray of Light We All Need Today

Temporarily forget the hellmouth with Chance dancing to a 90s Sounds of Blackness classic.
20 January 2017, 10:45am

Happy hell day fuckers! It is on this day, January 20 2017, that Donald J. Trump – he of the fictional taco bowl, he of reality TV fame – will be inaugurated as the 45th President of the United States of America. You all know this. I just had to type it out to actually believe it was happening. And while for many, things will be feeling pretty hopeless, there are still some rays of light.

One such sunbeam is Chance the Rapper, real life angel, who always knows what to do when times get hard. In this instance, he has tweeted a video, tagged "#optimisticchallenge" which features him and some friends (including Kyle, responsible for this highly underrated bop) dancing to Sounds of Blackness' "Optimistic". No doubt, he and his crew were inspired by Vine (RIP) star Jay Versace's own video from earlier this year. 

There's something particularly heartwarming about imagining Chance and his boys deciding to make their own "Optimistic" video while sat around in someone's living room, and though we're inches from the jaws of darkness, it's tidbits like this – grown men dancing with reckless abandon and impressive rhythm – that might just save us all.

Watch Chance's #OptimisticChallenge below:

(Image via Chance the Rapper on Twitter)