Times Square Got Occupied

Dedicated Occupiers and eager theatre folk versus scared tourists and the corporate world order.

Dedicated Occupiers and eager theatre folk got together Friday night at Paramount Plaza on 50th Street and Broadway, creating a 24-hour maelstrom of nonstop music, performance art and short plays aimed right at the black, carcinogenic heart of the corporate world order. The meet up was at 6PM on the red steps in the middle of Times Square. Everyone passing by loved the occupation, with the exception of one snarky jerk who tried to impress his date by yelling "Get a fuckin' job! Get the fuck outta' here!" One lady from the crowd of Occupiers rose to her feet and responded, "Shave off that stupid moustache, it looks like shit."

The security guards and Paramount Plaza suits were total dicks. They flipped a shit when the Occupiers drew a stage with chalk and ordered the people giving out free food to leave the plaza. To make the owners happy and live up to their reputation as "Bloomberg's army", the cops barricaded off the entrance area of the plaza, shoving the occasional amateur thespian in the chest to prove how tough they were. The Occupiers had everything under control, though. They took turns riding a bicycle that powered their performance spotlight and distributing tuna sandwiches and bread pudding on the sidewalk.

Overall the vibes of the night were pretty mellow, with the exception of one Vietnam vet who sat down on the steps and started screaming. Then the Times Square Security Alliance told him to get off the stairs because he was scaring the tourists.

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