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Here's a Video of a Cat Eating Dinner, Scored by Mac DeMarco's Jazz-Funk

Some new Mac DeMarco music soundtracks Pickles's dinner experience. Pickles lives behind the garage.

by Alex Robert Ross
04 April 2018, 8:15am

Pickles is a cat who lives behind the garage. I know this because, beneath this new MacDemarco video, entitled "PICKLES," there's a brief explainer: "Pickles lives behind the garage." Pickles, I feel comfortable assuming, is the cat that's in this video for four minutes. At least, it would be weird if Mac DeMarco chose this moment – a four-minute-long video of a cat eating dinner, scored by experimental jazz music – to tell us that someone (or something) called Pickles lives behind the garage. Let's assume that Pickles is the cat, and Pickles the cat lives behind the garage. Then we can all move on.

It's scored by DeMarco, a meme inside a meme inside in a very talented guy inside a meme again. Lounge-adjacent, laid-back, slightly mad, like Herbie Hancock deep inside a Reddit thread, it's recognizably his (though the wavy guitar has disappeared, for now). It's a weird vibe. I like it. It's music for a cat who lives behind the garage, whose name is probably Pickles.

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