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Charli XCX, Pop's Hardest Grafter, Is Now on Mura Masa's New Track

A mere week after the "Number 1 Angel" drop, she's at it again.

by Lauren O'Neill
17 March 2017, 12:52pm

Only seven days after having the audacity to drop one of the best collections of pop songs you're likely to hear all year, in freaking March, Charli XCX does very much appear to be at it again. This time, with a feature on UK producer Mura Masa's new single "1 Night".

Somehow, between releasing her own music, performing live in white fur bikinis while straddling AG Cook, collaborating with literally everyone possible, and writing for others (she was most recently tapped for the new Blondie album), Charli manages to find a balance without burning out or letting up on quality. And annoyingly for the rest of us who find the simple act of managing to remember loo roll in the shop to be a pat-on-the-back-worthy achievement, "1 Night" is just further proof of her ability to turn multi-tasking into an art form.

The track's a veritable bop that sees Charli on signature form, with lyrics that sound like they're copied and pasted from an ill-advised text you sent five vodka-and-blue-WKDs in, and a vocal that commands the track despite her producer's distinctive sound. Here, Mura Masa's staccato beat meets sunny synths and steel drum sounds, and it sounds very much like how lying in the park in July on grass that's been scorched by hundreds of portable BBQs feels. Play "1 Night" loud and feel sad and hopeful in equal measure, because it's not summer yet but it will be soon.

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