Mississauga Band Other Families Go H.A.M. with the “His Mouth Is Fused” Video

A dancehall-flavoured song and bizarre new video from the Mississauga weirdos.

by Noisey Staff
12 September 2016, 12:39pm

Other Families are ready to take you on a journey into the heart of mindfuck territory. The Toronto/Mississauga-based art collective have just unleashed a new video for their song "His Mouth Is Fused" off their new full-length album house.xct_ onto an unsuspecting world. The song fuses dancehall and soca with the group's self-described "Glitch-Punk" sound into something that is both frightening and equally exhilarating at the same time. The video for the track, which sees the band members rocking out in their infamous dungeon, has a primal vibe that perfectly captures the band's energetic live shows (which is not an easy task for a band as unpredictable as this).

"We av fi mek 10,000 hours of thoughts and ideas squish into 3:45," explains Sonica Carnegie, who appears as the female vocalist in the video, about the process of making "His Mouth Is Fused." "But 'ard wurk will always mek sweeter di hunny. It neva felt like wurk yuh jus as fi be willin to g'along for di ride." Check out the video below.

Daniel G. Wilson is a writer and musician from Mississauga. Follow him on Twitter.