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Chris Bethell Tells Lies About Manchester

Because photographing the truth can get boring.

by Elektra Kotsoni
10 January 2013, 9:00am

Chris Bethell is a photographer from Manchester, who has been working with us for almost a year. He's shot pretty much every issue launch party we've thrown in his hometown, a couple of our massive London ones and has at some point clogged my inbox with what must have been the greatest volume of jpegs Gmail has ever sent. That barrage would later become one of the best Your Town Is a Paradise posts we've ever published.

When I asked him to describe his work, Chris said that he is trying to avoid capturing the truth and instead looking to create his own narratives by exaggerating the relationship between his subjects.

I just like how he always manages to take both hilarious and emotive pictures in the grimmest of settings.

Have a look – I think you'll like Chris' work, too. And then have a look here, too.

Follow Chris and Elektra on Twitter: @CBethell_photo / @elektrakotsoni


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