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VICE Fashion - Girls And Their Animals - Part 2

“This little puppy dog is called Roger. He’s infinitely more reliable than most of the men I know.”

by Alex Sturrock
01 December 2005, 12:00am
Photography: Alex Sturrock
Styling: Pegah Farahmand
Thanks to Norma, Doris, Ashleigh and Roger

Amy: “My grandmother knitted this for me for my 10th birthday. It always brings me good luck.”

Top: Putch, jeans: Pepe

Erika: “My ex-boyfriend gave this to me before I left my home country, Sweden, five years ago. I used to call him monkey because he looked like one so he gave me this so I could think of him every time I look at it.”

Coat: stylist’s own, jeans: Pepe

Louise: “I used to work in The Bear Factory and I got to make this myself. I got to stuff him and you even get a heart to put in him before you stitch him up. I put two hearts in him though so that’s why he’s got a lot of love to give. He’s called Lamb, not very original is it?”

Pink T-shirt: Mambo, black top: Puma
shorts: Nike, socks: Adidas

Nadine: “I went travelling around Australia with my best friend and I bought this on my last day. He is called Kele the Kangaroo. You can’t separate the baby kangaroo from the stomach though, he’s attached, so that’s a bit annoying.”

Top: Firetrap, skirt: Criminal

Lizzie: “The white tiger is my favourite animal. I decided to sponsor one a few years ago because they are almost extinct and most of them only live in zoos or wildlife parks. In some Asian countries they are hunted down as their coats are worth a fortune.”

Dress: Beyond Retro

Haley: “Once I went to a house party with my friends and we were on mushrooms. We found this frog and laughed so hard my friend wet her pants. Then we stole the frog so we could always remember that night.”

Top: Fly, skirt: Miss Sixty, belt: Levi’s

Sabrina: “This little puppy dog is called Roger. He’s infinitely more reliable than most of the men I know.”

Top: Oakley, Skirt: Mambo