What Does London Think of VICE?

We got birthday wishes from some of our readers.

26 November 2012, 12:15pm

This week marks the end of VICE's first 10 years in the UK. That's a pretty impressive feat and we're all very proud of ourselves, but gloating to people who don't want to listen to us in the pub isn't exactly that affirming, so instead we're going to throw a huge party this Thursday, repost a bunch of the best articles we've published throughout the past decade, give a load of free stuff away and gift you a week-long special series of Shorties.  

The first in that series is the video above, which consists of us asking people what they think about VICE, what they reckon a typical VICE worker looks like and how they think a regular day in the VICE office goes. I don't want to ruin the ending too much for you, but it turns out Kate Moss's ex-husband presides over the whole jaded, pretentious, weed-smoking, dick-toking lot of us. 

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