VICE and Nick Cave Are Teaming Up for the Release of His New Book

It's called the <i>The Sick Bag Song</i> and we've got the exclusive trailer.

20 March 2015, 11:16am

Exciting news: VICE is ecstatic to announce a partnership with Nick Cave around the release of his new book, The Sick Bag Song.

The book was written by Cave as he and the Bad Seeds undertook a mammoth tour of 22 cities across America last year, taking in all the exhaustion, romantic longing, musings, memories and moments of significance such a marathon entails. It takes its name from the fact it was scrawled by Cave on airline sick bags as he and his band criss-crossed the United States and falls, he says, somewhere between The Wasteland and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

The first part of the partnership will be an exclusive interview with Cave as part of our VICE Meets series, which will air next Friday right here at

The book will be available exclusively from, in all kinds of special editions and formats. Stay tuned for more news.

Photo of Nick Cave by Cat Stevens.

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