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Yo Girl! Whath Up??

That "breaking the seal" thing your drunk dad told you about is total bullshit.

by VICE Staff
01 December 2005, 12:00am

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Interviews by Artie Philie

Busting the “Breaking the Seal” Myth
That “breaking the seal” thing your drunk dad told you about is total bullshit. I tried it. It doesn’t matter when you pee. You know what I’m talking about, right? That thing where they say you should hold your first pee in while drinking beer or you’re going to be pissing like crazy all night.

On Monday night I went out and nearly ruptured my bladder holding in my piss. I was fucking dying. Then I let it out and pissed a normal amount of times for the rest of the night. Then on Tuesday I went piss after my first sip of beer. Shit, I barely had to go pee. Same thing happened. Normal peeing all night. No matter how much you hold it or don’t hold it the deal is: You don’t have to pee for the first three pints, then it’s basically beer, piss, beer, piss, beer, piss for the rest of the night. So go piss whenever you want. It don’t matter.


Coke-sniffing still from Chris Cunningham’s
new short film Rubber Johnny

Suicidal Blackness
I don’t like acid or ecstasy anymore. The only time I’d take ecstasy is if a girl wanted to take it for sex. Sex is the only justification for that comedown. That kind of suicidal blackness, it’s so fucking sinister. By Wednesday you just feel like you want to burst into tears. You’ve exhausted your serotonin level.

If you’re going to stand in a club like a lemon, it’s not worth taking it. If you’re going to be pumping someone, then yes, put up with the comedown. But the last few times it’s been sitting round someone’s house or in a club, and that doesn’t justify it. If someone gave me a pill in a club, all that would happen is I’d start thinking about sex and want to go home. Or I’d just start leching so badly I’d turn into the Yorkshire Ripper.

Rubber Johnny is out in May on Warpfilms.

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Photo by Shawn Mortensen

Hi, We Lost the War on AIDS
When confronted with a drug that’s bombarding it, a smart virus gets out of the way, and the drug stops working. Most drugs don’t last more than three years on a person. You become resistant. And then there are the side effects. There’s a newer drug called Sustiva, which is supposed to be one of the best, and it makes you go crazy. You have nightmares, you fall out of bed, and you get paranoid. I was on it for a while.

You’ve got 7,000 new cases of AIDS in Africa a day. I was talking to Dr. David Kessler, head of UCF Medical School, and he said, “We’ve got this terrific problem going on in Africa, but we’ve got drugs in a thousand people that are working.” A thousand people? And he’s so happy about it. David, get real. You’ve got 70 million people, 45 million people need it. I don’t want to say they’re not facing reality, but that’s the fact of the matter.

In his new book, Larry laments the fact that while AIDS rates rise and the disease gets stronger, the majority of gays keep snorting up crystal meth and barebacking. Can you guys fucking chill, please?

Kern on G.G.
This is a photo I took of G.G. Allin in an apartment on Avenue B, between 2nd and 3rd, on the day he died. He was playing a show that night at this venue called the Gas Station on the corner of B and 2nd. It had actually been a gas station until these squatters had taken it over. They built big metal walls all around it and had punk shows in there. We were across the street, in some rich kid’s apartment who was letting G.G. and his band crash there for the show. I used to play in a band with G.G. in San Francisco. It was the best band I ever played in. We were called G.G. Allin and the Drug Whores. This was how G.G. prepared: doing a ton of drugs and drinking a ton of beer. I think they were snorting dope in this photo, but they were snorting everything, they had all kinds of stuff. The girl was someone he had met in Milwaukee, who had run away with him. She had two black eyes from their lovemaking the night before, so she was wearing those sunglasses.

By this point, G.G. would show up in a city with nothing but his jockstrap and a box of Ex-Lax. So the show they played after this photo was taken was great. It ended with him getting thrown out at the end, naked. There’s a video of it, of him just walking around the streets naked, trying to hail a cab. And then the next morning I looked in the paper and there was an article about how G.G. OD’d later that night. They found him passed out against a wall, blue and dead.

See more photos from GG's last day here

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Taking Drugs Until You Fall Asleep
Last summer, we were talking to our buddy Nick Kilroy about drugs and music and music and drugs, like always. He said he was getting a load of different drugs in for that weekend. Nutso synthetic drugs like 2CB and 5 MEO DMT. So we said, well why don’t you write down what happens to you when you take each one and then we can maybe use it for an article or something. Nick agreed. This is what happened:

2CT2: This gives you objective clarity. It’s a stimulant a bit like amphetamine but related to MDMA. Fuck things like crystal meth. The high is way too dirty. This is ultimate clearness of mind. I think I could exist like this all the time. I think I could take this all the time.

2CB: Mgggh. Lovely stuff. This is halfway between acid and MDMA. Everything is going soft and wriggly and slippery. It’s not a big head trip, it’s more visual. Heh. One thing is that any slight feeling I get inside becomes amplified. I have slight nausea.

DOB: This is a really powerful 18-hour speed thing. It’s really, really strong. Wow, it feels like digital speed. When the 2CB died I took this and went for a walk. There was a three-hour high but now I’m feeling a bit, whatever… Not having much fun on this now.

IAP: Lots of colors. I felt very anxious for a while but then that faded and there was a bridge that I had to cross on the righthand side. That was something I remember. This is just me, y’know, and you can’t get inside me! Very, very nice.

5 MEO DMT: I did this WAAAY too soon after the IAP, dude. This was too scary. I didn’t like this. This shit is too much. I like to scare myself but this was like falling in hell forever, man, this is shit. I just called some ketamine and cocaine in and I just want to go to sleep, man.

I always need ketamine and cocaine before I go to sleep after a weekend. I can’t wait for the dude to turn up. Because the ketamine is a downer and the coke is an upper, you get 20 minutes of sheer ecstasy. Then your brain ends up so fried that you can’t think anymore and that’s how you fall asleep.

Nick Kilroy wrote this article for us in June 2004. Two months ago he fell asleep forever from an overdose.