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'Animal Crossing' Fans Reimagine Classic Albums as Made by KK Slider

I wish every album was by KK Slider in real life.
22 April 2020, 7:30am
Two human beings cosplaying as KK Slider and Harv from Animal Crossing posing at a picnic table.
Image: Nintendo

This article originally appeared on VICE US.

KK Slider is the most famous, and only, musician in the canon of Animal Crossing. Artists on Twitter are now redrawing album covers in the style of the KK Slider songs you can buy in New Horizons. Anyone in the mood for a little KK Evanescence?

My boyfriend does not play Animal Crossing, but he loves KK Slider. He was charmed by the singing dog after hearing this remix of Travis Scott's Sicko Mode made with exclusively sounds from Animal Crossing and KK Slider's in-game music. Although this isn't an official KK Slider song, the things that make Slider so infectious are there. There's a real vocal tone to his singing—it feels like he's emoting. This is true in the official songs too. My favorites, like KK Bubblegum or KK Lament have this real emotional pull. They're also just bops.

Currently artists on Twitter are redrawing real life album covers in the style of Slider. It actually started as a TikTok challenge, created by the artist Annqell on April 11th, though it didn't see much traction until it came over to Twitter on Friday.

This art challenge is making me wonder about new kinds of KK Slider songs I want to hear in Animal Crossing. KK Ska is pretty dope, but can I get a KK Mitski?