Watch Our Brand New Documentary 'The Brit Invasion' Right Now

From New York to New Orleans, young Americans have fallen for UK dance music. We tried to find out why.

14 September 2015, 1:00pm

In recent years, as EDM has become the mainstream over in America, it's become apparent that youngsters on that side of the pond have an unquenchable thirst for dance music. While America might be the home of club culture as we know it — it's the nation that gave the world disco, house, and techno — it wasn't until recently that acts like Porter Robinson or Zedd could headline festivals and sell out stadiums. Dance music, now, is the norm. It's snuck out of basements and slammed it self into enormodomes from New York to New Orleans.

What's really interesting to note, though, is that it's not necessarily the homegrown acts that young Americans are getting themselves facepainted for. European artists, from Swedish House Mafia to Avicii, are taking over, converting lads and lasses in San Francisco from mallpunk to dance music, and British acts have played a major part in this massive cultural shift.

A few months back we sent Jess Glynne to Los Angeles to discover exactly what it is about UK dance music that's sending the US wild. You can watch the documentary, made by possible by Bench — Brit Invasion — below.

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