1,100-Drawing Stop-Motion Captures the Fleeting Nature of Love

A young woman ponders her relationship through interpretative dance in Morgan Gruer's 'Reflections.’

by Nathaniel Ainley
06 January 2017, 2:40pm

Screencaps and GIF, via

The ephemeral nature of love is captured on-screen in a stunning 2D animation built from a collection of 1,100 individual drawings. Reflections is the expressive, impressive abstract short, and it follows a fleeting relationship between a young couple. As the the video begins to build the girl starts to question whether the man ever existed or if it was all in her head. Her deliberation is expressed through a series of arm swinging interpretive dance accompanied with explosive graphics and patterns.

Reflections was directed, animated, and edited by Morgan Gruer, a multidisciplinary graphic designer and illustrator who's done work for heavy hitters like Celine Dion and Gatorade. In this particular film, the Brooklyn-based artist is careful about her use of color, telling the bulk of the story through gray and black lines. Since color is used so sparingly, however, when it appears, it makes that much more of an impact. Reflect on Reflections in its entirety below:

Reflections from Morgan Gruer on Vimeo.

You can check out more work by Morgan Gruer on her website.


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