Beeple Visuals Channel 'Tron' in Dazzling Music Video

Blowinbox takes the Cinema 4d mastermind's footage of what looks like a pack of lightcycles on the loose and gives it the glitch-hop treatment in "Megatron."

by Beckett Mufson
03 April 2015, 8:00pm

GIF by Beckett Mufson, via

While it's $40k to actually buy the Tron motorcycle of your dreams, you can still feel the freedom of the open grid, thanks to the laid-back video that glitch-hop outfit, Blowinbox, created using free visuals from Beeple. The song "Megatron" is a fusion of synths and orchestral instrumentation that evokes the same kind of digital atmosphere Daft Punk designed for Tron Legacy, and Beeple's day-glo landscape looks just like a pack of lightcycles on the loose.

We recently took a glimpse into Beeple's 7-year-long everydays digital illustration experiment, and an in-depth look at the tools of his trade back in 2013. Check out more of his mesmerizing animations on his website, and see more of our previous coverage below.

Find more Blowinbox jams on Soundcloud.


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