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Projection Mapping Brings These Abstract Carpet Sculptures To Life

Artist duo Animal Farm are blasting plush wall hangings with trippy visuals fit for a 1970s basement in "Hot Shot Tuscan II."

by Matthew James Clarke
30 July 2014, 7:00pm

Animal Charm, a collaboration between artists Richard Bott and Jim Fetterley, are making us nostalgic for the days we used to spend holed up in our friends' epic basements—the ones with ping pong tables and adorned by cheesy interior design and 70s-era memorabilia. In a current exhibition called Hot Shot Tuscan II at California's China Art Objects Gallery, the artists have made carpet-covered sculptures that are projected with images described by the LA Times as "the corny comforts of rec rooms." Think lava lamps, tacky colors, and bygone Americana vibes.

The exhibition includes four video-mapped sculptures, and at the gallery the artists turn off the lights and let the pulsating colors overwhelm the entire room. Psychedelic images like iridescent patterns, trippy fractals, and even a gooey pizza blanket their plush sculptures, transporting viewers to a mindspace that might look like Eric Foreman's infamous hangout spot.

Bott and Fetterly have worked together for over twenty years, and have a rich history of collaging found video footage—a practice they believe has been marginalized or over-saturated by the advent of YouTube. So maybe it's not unfair to call their work nostalgic, or at least retro in a tongue-in-cheek type of way. With Hot Shot Tuscan II we're getting transported back to the simpler days of basements full of bad TV, junk food, and beer-soaked carpets. And that's quite all right with us. 

See some images from the exhibition below and visit the exhibition at China Art Objects Gallery through August 9th.

Images via China Art Objects


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