Elvie, the Video Game for Your Vagina

Tightening your pelvic floor muscles just got high-tech.

Oct 13 2015, 1:30pm

Product images courtesy of Elvie. Portable charger carry case, the Elvie device and app

Last week it was a menstrual cup that pairs up with your Apple devices, today it’s a smart Kegel tracker. Elvie, designed to help develop muscle tone and maintain strength in the pelvic floor muscles, is the latest product to hit the women’s tech market. The small pebble-shaped device, which sort of looks like a cross between a magical bean sprout and the caterpie Pokemon, is inserted into the vagina. Using Bluetooth and motion-detecting sensors, Elvie gives real-time feedback as the wearer clenches and releases, and, described as ‘the video game your vagina plays,' even aims to make Kegel exercises fun.

For those not in the Kegel know, a woman’s pelvic floor muscles control the flow of urine, and contract and release during orgasm, but can be damaged through things like pregnancy and impact sports, and weakened through aging. This can lead to incontinence or prolapse problems. Kegel exercises can prevent this from happening (it’s also thought that regular Kegel exercises can increase a woman’s enjoyment of sex). The only thing is, it’s difficult to exercise a muscle that you can’t actually see, so incorrect actions can cause more harm than good. Created by British startup Chiaro, Elvie aims to help women visualize these elusive Kegel exercises, and make them easier and enjoyable. 

Stats and real-time feedback are provided on the app

The wearer is guided through a series of five-minute workouts available on beginner, intermediate and expert settings. The game element involves keeping a ball bouncing above a certain line through controlling the pelvic muscles, and users are also able to break records in ‘speed’ and ‘pulse’ challenges, providing measurable results. Real-time data provides feedback on muscular strength, endurance and control. Elvie has been designed specifically so that it can be used “anywhere, anytime”—the device itself is small and discrete, and the carry case doubles as a purse-sized charger.

Elvie was released yesterday and is now available to purchase for $199(USD). Find out more info here.

This article originally appeared on The Creators Project Australia. 


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