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Let's Bring This Forest to Times Square

Ecologist Marielle Anzelone needs your help to make 'PopUP Forest: Times Square' a reality.

by Sami Emory
18 March 2015, 10:00pm

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For her ambitious Kickstarter project PopUP Forest: Times Square, ecologist Marielle Anzelone wants to turn the over-crowded, chaotic hub that is Times Square into a temporary forest. The project would extend for three weeks in June 2016, accompanied by a livestream of wildlife sounds from nearby woods to drown out taxi horns, and the songs of migratory birds to shoo off pesky pigeons and rats.

Anzelone’s larger objective is to showcase the city’s natural beauty and provide a venue for environmental education, guided woodland walks, and hands-on activities for children. As Anzelone explains on her Kickstarter:
“New York City is so much more than taxicabs, the Empire State Building, and Jay-Z. Defining it as only hardscapes and humans we overlook nearly 50,000 acres of open space [...] PopUP Forest: Times Square will give visitors an immersive natural area experience in the most un-natural place on the planet.”

Visit Anzelone's Kickstarter to help make PopUp Forest a reality.

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