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Tangled Wires Create Truly Lifelike Sculptures

Richard Stainthorp's wire sculptures look like they might come alive at any second.
27 March 2015, 8:35pm

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Metal wires form eerily lifelike humans in the sculptural works of Richard Stainthorp. The London-based artist has been producing wire-based art since his career began in 1996, with creations ranging from tasteful nudes to mythical creatures. "The original goal was to use a one-dimensional line or lines to produce three dimensional works of art that would follow the curves of the female body from all angles," he explains on his website. The sculptures almost come off as computer-generated characters—too lifelike to be sculpture, but too foreign to be human—but they’re simply the product of 20 years’ experience and a lot of attention to detail.

See more of Richard Stainthorp's work on his website.

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