Should We Be Allowed to See Prince Harry's Penis?

Prince Harry got his cock out and the British taxpaying public wants its money's worth.

Welcome to Question of the Day. Loving the royal dong!

HRH Prince Harry of Wales, completely starkers, courtesy of TMZ.

Young Prince Harry went out for a big one this week. He met some chicks, had a party, his clothes fell off. And now everyone is somehow shocked that some girl he met in Vegas had the audacity to leak nudey pics of the Prince in the buff. Oh my God, who would have thought that could ever happen?

The British public is divided on the issue of the photos' publication. "Well," some people say, "our taxes paid for that party. So in effect, we paid to see his penis. We deserve to see it."

Others are just like, "Er, no, he's gonna be the King some day, lol?" We decided to stamp out the ambiguity by asking some people in the street: Should we have been allowed to see the Prince Harry's penis?

Jeremy, 25 (left) and Santage, 27.

VICE: Prince Harry got his cock out.
It's acceptable.

Where do we draw the line for the Queen's grandson?
No needles.
Santage: The line is at needles.

What, like heroin syringes?
Yes. Or any drug you take with a needle.

What do you think his next escapade is going to be?
Sleep with a married woman.

Yeah, sleep with his sister-in-law. Fantastic.
Santage: No, that would be too much.

Charlie, 25, insurance: Those naked pictures? Phwooooooooarrrr! I’ve seen them online, they’re all over Facebook.

You seem quite happy about this.
Yeah, everyone wants to be a princess, don’t they? Get in there quick.

What do you think of the goods?
Now I’ve seen the pictures, I’m thinking definitely. I’m always about the gingers. I love a bit of ginger.

What do you think the Queen thinks about her grandson getting his knob out?
Serah, 22:
I think the queen will probably be a bit shocked but Phillip will probably be thinking, 'Get in there, well done!'

Where do you think is the correct place for royal genitalia?
I don’t think anywhere is.

What will be his next big break into the 'papers?
Probably get someone pregnant.

Who should he get pregnant?
My friend Tash, because they would be a perfect couple.

James, 35, works in property: I’m so sad I’m 35. Anyway, this isn’t a fair use of our tax money but fair play to him. I’d be doing the same.

Fair enough. I read an article that used the headline "Fear of Clothing in Las Vegas".
That is some exceptionally weak punning.

Really? I just made that up. Oh well.
He’s not doing any harm. It’s costing each of us like, 1p a day and then we get to read about it all in The Scum of the World. Haha [looks pleased with himself].
That pun's not as good as mine, primarily because it doesn't make sense. I guess it’s not as bad as when Harry dressed up as a Nazi.
No, that was a bit… off.

Greg, bus driver, 28 and John, accountant, 31.

John: Listen, He’s just having a good time.

Where do we say “enough is enough” for royal banter?
I’ve seen him smoke a doobie or two. I’d say, if he dyes his hair away from orange then that would be enough.
Greg: The Queen as a Page 3 girl.

Sayid, 25, personal trainer: There’s two ways of looking at this. Firstly, he’s a human and humans do stuff.

Well, we don’t know that. According to David Icke, he could be a big lizard man.
[correctly ignoring the mention of David Icke] Secondly, it could be wrong because he’s spending our money. Personally though, I say let him have fun. I’d rather him do it than the Queen.

How would you react to the Queen, absolutely billy-bollocks, on the front page?
I’d be sick.

Right in your cereal?
Right in my cereal.

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