All the News You Need to Read This Morning

Mike Thalassitis dies aged 26 as ex-'Love Island' contestants demand more post-show support.

18 March 2019, 9:00am

Image via ITV.

The news is part overwhelming and part boring, so here's a quick list of all the stuff we thought was significant today.

MPs call for a tax on social media companies

Three teens died after a crush at a St Patrick's Day party

US detects a huge meteor explosion

Mike Thalassitis dies aged 26 as Love Island contestants demand more post-show support

Thousands of children could become undocumented after Brexit

Fake news was sent out by a government department

Post-Brexit migrant salary plans "would hit Wales harder"

Travelodge targets parents to fill post-Brexit staffing gap

Eggboy gets a tribute mural in Melbourne

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