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Years & Years' Glittery New Video is a Love Triangle Set in Dystopia

"If You're Over Me" expands the universe established in their last visual for “Sanctify”.

by Lauren O'Neill
15 May 2018, 11:04am

Lead image via YouTube

There's nothing more cathartic than watching a love triangle unfold, right? I beg to differ: there's nothing more cathartic than watching a bisexual love triangle set in a dystopia ruled by androids who make humans perform for them unfold. That's basically the plotline of the new Years & Years video for "If You're Over Me" (released last week) which also features the sort of choreography that makes me feel a weird ache in my stomach, and some fairly astonishing fashion. All in a day's work for Olly Alexander and co. really.

As I've already stated on noisey dot com, the song is fantastic, straightforward pop done beautifully, but the video gives it an extra sting of meaning. It also expands the universe set up by the band in their visual for "Sanctify," their first single of this album campaign (for Palo Santo, out 6 July), and if there's one thing I love, it's a ~concept~. More please, and soon!

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