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Future Bailed on His Tiny Desk Concert, So Zaytoven Saved the Day

Future was a no-show for NPR's Tiny Desk Concert, but Zaytoven did it anyway.

by Kristin Corry
01 March 2019, 10:07am

Screenshot of NPR Tiny Desk

There are some NPR Tiny Desk Concerts that have the ability to stop time, even if its only for ten minutes. My personal favorite part is the way these small shows transform rap. It takes a huge song with booming production and strips it down to an intimate set with a small band as seen in performances by Wu-Tang Clan, T.I. , and Big Boi. So, you can only imagine how a Tiny Desk Concert with Future could sound. You actually will have to imagine it because when NPR scheduled a performance with the Atlanta rapper the morning he released The Wizrd, he never showed up.

"After several hours of waiting, with the band all warmed up and ready, word came that Future would be a no-show," NPR's Rodney Carmichael wrote. According to Carmichael, Future was provided with a band that could transform his trap sound with the help of Zaytoven on keys, a guitar, drums, and flute for a live performance that included "Mask Off." For whatever reason, Future bailed leaving us wondering what the show would've actually sounded like.

Zaytoven, however, is the real hero here. He commanded the band through a medley of Future instrumentals like "Lay Up," "Peacoat," and his own "Mo Reala." The Atlanta producer gives his frequent collaborator props for allowing him to reinvent himself on Beast Mode. Zaytoven is truly a class act.

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