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Holy Shit

Jai Paul's Brother (And Long Time Collaborator) Released a Song

A.K Paul and Nao dropped a track called "So Good" and it's So Good.

by Ryan Bassil
18 June 2014, 12:01pm

Jai Paul - the internet's mystery. Did he leak his own album? How did we predict that it would be leaked? Does he have a day-job? All three questions have no answer but we can find solitude in two things - XL's in house-producer has confirmed that Jai is currently recording new material and until then we've got a new track by his brother, and long time collaborator, A.K Paul.

This is A.K Paul's debut feature as a vocalist and named artist - although the multi-instrumentalist has worked behind the scenes for several years. "So Good" is the second single from East London singer Nao. A bold track title but honest - "So Good" is So Good.

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