Watch a Young Jay Z Kill It in his First Ever Televised Freestyle

Six years before the release of his debut, Jigga is so underground the TV Presenter doesn't even know his name.

19 February 2015, 10:27am

What did we do before the internet? Jerk-off to magazines, probably, and get a whole lot more work done. But while the internet is a great time-wasting tool and has improved the well-being of lonely teenagers, in recent years it's also become the best way of unearthing golden rap videos. From a pre-teen Kanye West reading a poem to Eminem's #rare found-footage of Da Hip Hop Witch, each week seems to bring another video which reminds us that time has passed, people grow old, and one day we will soon die. The latest of these comes from 45 year-old rap-icon Jay Z, who was once a teenager.

In the clip above, Jay Z and fellow New York rapper Big Daddy Kane appear on BET's Rap City. The clip's taken from 1990 so the focus is on Big Daddy Kane - who, at the time of filming, had put out two albums - yet, Jay Z's given a chance to shine despite being almost six years away from releasing his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. It's so early in Jigga's career the presenter doesn't even know his name, simply pointing in his general direction and mumbling words. But when Jay spits, you know what's up, dropping a flow similar to his infamous freestyle with Big L in 1995, which oozes a talent that would later come to run a multi-million dollar empire of clothing brands, luxury champagne, and his own patented colour.