FKA Twigs Proves That Yes, Pop Music and Rope Bondage Can Go Together

The master of sexiness continues to redefine eroticism in her brand new video for "Pendulum."

15 January 2015, 11:19am

FKA Twigs, aka the only British popstar who understands the actual sexiness of sex, has released a new video for “Pendulum” in which she suspends herself from an invisible ceiling wrapped in her own hair, therein answering the question that nobody dared to ask with a defiant "Yes, you can make a rope bondage music video despite the obvious constraints of movement."

Continuing her reign of addressing sexuality in a direct and dominant way, the self-directed video (above) is another in a series of sensually-charged narratives where Twigs positions herself - in this case, quite literally - as the central subject. By taking a closer look at the relationships between sex and the human psyche rather than just OHMIGOD BOOBS, Twigs continues to redefine eroticism in a way that's always more deft than #NSFW.

Then, after much carefully choreographed resistance, Twigs busts free of the confines of her braids, rebirthed as Aliyah auditioning to be the sixth Spice Girl like yo, come at me:

The whole thing is objectively fan-fucking-tastic, but especially because it's executed in a way that makes every other pop video feel like an episode of Bottom.

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