Kendrick Lamar Just Released a Video for "For Free?"

This dick ain't free.

31 July 2015, 8:53pm

Kendrick Lamar is a whole lot of things: Incredible rapper, fearless, attractive lyrically to generations of hip-hop fans. One thing you might not consider him to be is really funny. Well, to show that he can literally do whatever he wants to and excel in it, he released a video for "For Free?" the interlude off of To Pimp a Butterfly. The video follows Kendrick springing out of random places in a huge ass mansion to remind this woman that his dick ain't free. Poetry in motion.

Watch the video, which features a cameo from Kamasi Washington below, and read our interview with Robert Glasper in which he describes working on the song:

"They pulled up the song, “For Free?” So the funny part about it is I went from my session, which I didn’t do any swing, to a hip hop session completely swinging. That was the first song I did. Then after that Kendrick’s like “ah man”: He was like on the floor by my playing. He had never seen me play in person. So he was like “Yo pull up ‘Complexion’ you hear anything on this?” And Thundercat was there too, so Thundercat came and showed me the changes, and I was like “all right, hit it!” and I did a take—just one take."