Brooke Candy’s New Track “Paper or Plastic” is a Pure Shot of Sparkling Pop

The track is a sweet and sticky taster from her forthcoming Sia-produced album

by Daisy Jones
07 July 2016, 2:00pm

It’s been nearly four years since club-rap queen Brooke Candy whipped her neon braids around like a helicopter propeller and stomped into our lives for good with “Das Me” and “Everybody Does” and all the other tunes that you still blast out the speakers when it’s your turn on Spotify at a house party. Since then, she’s released a slew of now-iconic music videos and a mixtape, ditched the braids, got totally sober, and is on the cusp of releasing her long-awaited debut album, the Sia-produced Daddy Issues.

“Paper or Plastic”, which we’re premiering below, is a track off that forthcoming album. Unlike her earlier material there's no rapping, but it's still sweet, poppy and hella catchy. “Time keeps on wasting, but I’m too high to be wasting with all this yolo and rap shit, my heart is elastic,” Brooke sings over a sticky pop melody and fizzing electronics, her words a subtle nod to Sia’s “Elastic Heart”. She then continues: “Living for the days, living for the nights, living for the chance to give what’s right, now tell me who the hell you think I am.”

Listen to the whole thing below:

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