Premiere: Trust Fund - "Cut Me Out"

Concrete proof that band + dogs = the happiest music video of all time.

by Emma Garland
10 December 2014, 11:00am

What happens when you stick a group of friends, some of instruments and a load of dogs in a scout hut in Bristol? Trust Fund wanted to find out, so that’s exactly what they did with their video for “Cut Me Out”, which we’re premiering above.

The result, obviously, is the happiest music video of all time. Sounding something like a young Rivers Cuomo jamming to the Pixies, Trust Fund's guitar-powered pop embodies the place where sadness and happiness collide. They are the sound of self-doubt, growing up and learning to cope while also being a source of comfort for all those things.

Directed by James Hankins, this video is the perfect pairing to a song that vocalist/songwriter Ellis Jones described as "about confusion and anger and sadness when people start new relationships". Whether you take that from the video or not, one sure fire way to lift your spirits after life has tossed a confusing situation in your face unsolicited is by blowing bubbles at a dog life drawing class. Cheers for the life hack, Trust Fund.

Trust Fund have just finished a mini-tour with Los Campesinos! in the run up to their debut full-length, No one’s coming for us, which will be released on 12” via Turnstile Music and is available to pre-order it here now.

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