festivals 2016

Grime Fans, Get Yourself to This Year's Great Escape Festival

This year's sea'n'bands event has booked everyone from Mura Masa and Shura to Elf Kid and D Double E, meaning there's something for everyone.

27 January 2016, 5:05pm

The Great Escape is kinda like a festival, except it's by the sea, and instead of sleeping in a tent you stay in the warm confines of a hotel, rented Airbnb apartment, or, if you're so inclined, you don't sleep anywhere at all, choosing to party on the streets of Brighton before collapsing on the beach in the early morning. The other difference between The Great Escape and your usual festival is that it's all based around venues, sort of like SXSW in Texas or CMJ in New York. You grab a wristband, and you head into the night. Primarily, it's the music event you hit up to catch the year's shit-hot bands before they play venues so big you won't want to think about trying to get a drink from the bar. In case you want a description that includes images, we went there a couple years back in search of "The Buzz".

Anyway, they've just announced the line-up for this year's event and it looks like everything is going to kick off. Grime, especially, has a big presence this year, with (*deep breath*) Frisco, D Double E, AJ Tracey, Elf Kid, Jammz, and Lady Leshurr all playing. Elsewhere, you'll be able to catch the likes of Bo Rocha, Spring Kings, Beaty Heart, The Big Moon, and a whole load more. Oh, and as you've probably guessed from the poster plastered at the top of the page, Shura, Mura Masa and Oh Wonder will be playing too.

Get all the info you need here.