Watch Our VICELAND Special 'YG and the Therapist' in Full

Learn just how brazy his life really is.

by Noisey Staff
21 June 2016, 8:50am

By now, you've probably devoured YG's new record Still Brazy about a million times over. Part of that's because, well, the songs are all really fucking good on their own terms. But it's also a cohesive unit that uses the sounds of classic Los Angeles hip-hop to paint a story of what's happened in his life these past few years.

To learn more about just how brazy shit has been, we joined YG on a trip to a counselor for our VICELAND special YG and the Therapist. We've already shared a few clips online, but now you can finally watch the whole thing on YouTube if you missed it on VICELAND. The pair discuss a variety of topics, including when YG was shot, the effects his newfound fame has had on his relationships with other people, how his mom took care of him when his dad was in jail. It's a huge insight into what made YG the man he is today and how he came to be a figure in West Coast rap.

Watch the whole thing, right now:

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