Premiere: Grimm Grimm - "Tell The Truth"

The new video from Grimm Grimm is "beautiful; an almost ecstatic truth".

16 June 2015, 11:08am

Grimm Grimm is a Japanese born, London based musician signed to the legendary ATP Recordings label - which, if you're aware of the label's output, having released records from the likes of Fuck Buttons and Deerhoof, is a pretty good fit seeing as the music Grimm Grimm makes veers into more experimental territory. His first single was released on My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shield's label Pickpocket Records; another signifer for the sort of washed out, shoegazey material he releases. His latest single "Tell the Truth" - which we're premiering above - is a dulcet lullaby. But it's the video in particular, featuring Grimm Grimm playing in a room showered with feathers while kids emote in slow motion, that makes it special. Here's what he had to say about it: "The whole video shoot for ‘Tell The Truth’ was magical chaos. Kids just went hypnotically out of control and started beating up each other! It was beautiful; an almost ecstatic truth". And I guess that's the perfect summation, really. Watch above.

Hazy Eyes Maybe is released June 29th via ATP Recordings.