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Listen to Cyan Vena Remix Foals' "Late Night"

Our final cut from the Foals "Late Night" remix series.

by Nick Rattigan
21 May 2013, 10:00am

And now, we bring you the exciting conclusion to our Foals remixes trilogy. For the past two Mondays, we've premiered a different remix of Foals' haunting track "Late Night" off of the bands most recent releases, Holy Fire. Casino Time gave the track some late night ambiance, and then Chad Valley threw some light-hearted hooks into the mix.

For the last installment, we bring you Cyan Vena, who is no stranger to the art of the remix. Vena fucks with your mind and adds a cinematic touch of chillwave to the already melancholic track.

Didn't think this song could get any more intense? Then check out Cyan Vena's remix of "Late Night" below.

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