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New music

Here is Distant Correspondent's New Music Video for "Summit"

Check the latest from the band featuring members of Goes Cube, Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia, and motherfucking Edith Frost.

by Zachary Lipez
12 March 2013, 10:00am

Distant Correspondent is the new band comprised of David Obuchowski, Edith Frost, Emily Gray, and Michael Lengel. You may (should) know David from Goes Cube, the band that made the thesis that “Hemet’s best songs were the ones where Page actually sang” seem like an unassailable law, like gravity*. Emily Gray was in Meanwhile Back in Communist Russia, who were the good post-rock band. And Edith Frost is motherfucking Edith Frost. Togther they’ve made a super group in the alternate universe where people have good (ie; my) taste.

Distant Correspondent have a new video to knock your La’s loving white knee socks off. The video for their song "Summit" was made by award-winning, shown-at-the-Guggenheim-ing Heather Crank. She took the band’s sorrowful four and a half minutes of aching wistfulness and turned it into a gorgeous desert Noir film. So you can still feel like a badass while you sob into your chamomile. And by “you” I mean, again, me.

*This actually feels like such a true statement that I’m afraid I stole it. If you said it first, please feel free to say so in the comments. I will give you my tape copy of Meantime and an apology.

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