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Here's Blink-182's "What's My Age Again?" Video in the Style of 'Grand Theft Auto'

"This state looks down on sodomy."

by Dan Ozzi
14 October 2015, 9:00am

What is it about Blink-182 that makes them our nation's funniest band to wax nostalgic about on the internet? Whether it's this ten-hour loop of Tom Delonge's verse on "I Miss You" or imagining guitarists who should replace Tom Delonge or finding this guy who is our number one choice for the job, they are always good for internet lulz. Whatever it is, prepare for a new semi-ironic way to enjoy your favorite early 2000s mall punks.

A YouTube user has done the yeoman's work of recreating their video for "What's My Age Again?," the music video that inspired a new generation of high school graduation streakers, in the style of popular helicopter-exploding, prostitute-killing video game GTA V. Marvel at the decidedly more grizzled and violent Mark, Tom, and Travis as they parade their pixelated peni throughout the town. Gaze upon their slightly squared buttocks as they move realistically across your screen.

And here's the original:

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