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Toronto Raptors Player Betrays Drake's Trust, Tells World There's a New Drake Mixtape Coming in January

DeMar DeRozan told us just enough to pique our interest, but not enough for us to actually know anything.

by Slava Pastuk
26 November 2014, 3:00pm

It must be nice to have Drake cheer for you on the sidelines as you're playing sports (unless you're the University of Kentucky basketball team). It's a feeling that not many will get to experience in their lives, unless they play for the Toronto Raptors. DeMar DeRozan is one of the lucky few who is able to say that they've not only been cheered on by Drake but can also consider him a true personal friend.

But on Tuesday night, while the Toronto shooting guard was in Atlanta speaking with the NBA TV crew about the Raptors 12-2 record, he accidentally betrayed the trust that he and Drake shared. Chris Webber asked DeRozan "what it's like having Drake at the games? Do you hang out with him? Is he rapping to y'all? Is he giving you the new album?" Chris Weber was just doing his duty, covering the gamut of questions you can ask of an athlete who is close friends with the most popular rapper of 2014. DeRozan should've just said that yes, Drake is a great fan and a better friend. Instead, he spilled the beans on a potential new project (5:20 mark in the video above):

"It's incredible having an artist of that magnitude come out to your games and support you when he's not busy doing his music thing. It's not just for show, he comes to the locker room after the games. He said he wants to give me his mixtape that comes out in January."

How could you? How could you betray that trust? How could you take the things that were said to you in the privacy of a locker room and tell them to Chris Weber? But more importantly, how could you not provide any additional details to the public? No mention of a title, no insight at the features or production, not even a vague description of what the cover looks like. DeRozan has managed to not only betray Drake's trust entirely, but he's also alienated his local fans by depriving them of the details that matter. I expected better from a player who has been surrounded by rappers for a very long time, DeMar.

So all we can do now is assume that a new mixtape is forthcoming. Will the songs that have recently leaked to prevent hacking be on said album? Will it feature any of the myriad of one-off tracks that Drake has been dominating 2014 with? Will it be chock full of Birdman ad-libs/motivational quotes? We don't know, because DeMar DeRozan didn't tell us. What he did tell us is that there's a mixtape coming in January, and that he's going to recieve it before January. He probably also said some stuff about basketball in the interview, but who really cares?

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