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Listen to All Saints' Triumphant Comeback Single, "One Strike"

This is 2016's answer to "Pure Shores",

by Noisey Staff
23 February 2016, 11:34am

Boy and girlbands from the 90s do not have a great track record when it comes to getting back together, which is quite possibly because the gloriously energetic, OTT brand of pop music that dominated the charts in the 90s has no place in the thinkpiece pop landscape of the present.

However, when All Saints announced that they would be returning with a new album this year, those who remembered and cared were very much about it. As Grace Medford put it in a piece for Noisey last month, All Saints had, "that that elusive 'cool' factor which made them appeal to musos as well as regular, high-consumption pop fans." This is The Year of Our Lord 2016, and the time is ripe for an All Saints reunion.

As if to say, "We told you so", the group's comeback single "One Strike" just arrived, and it is glorious. UK pop has missed those dreamy vibes, those distinct four-part harmonies. This is what Coldplay couldn't pull off at all with A Head Full of Dreams. This is the chill out session to (Britain's only other major girl group) Little Mix's stomping workout. This is, quite possibly, 2016's answer to "Pure Shores".

Listen below.

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