South London's Jerkcurb Makes Devastatingly Pretty Music, and Here's His Debut Single "Night On Earth"

This is music made for the big moments.

28 July 2016, 10:21am

Night time rules. There are a few factors that contribute to this well-revered and world renowned opinion, like sleeping or urban exploring or having sex with other people. Ultimately though, the night time is the best time because it cultivates an entirely different energy. As the sun disappears and the moon rises, the earth is washed in a certain stillness. It's a special moment; one of beauty, change, and centering. Or if you're a musician and not some entry-level hippy who has bought too many incense sticks from Urban Outfitters and studied a life-threatening amount of horoscopes, night time is when all the best music gets made.

"The night evokes a certain clarity in my brain. I hear music clearer at night", explains Jerkcurb, whose debut single "Night On Earth" we're premiering below. Certainly, the south London artist comes from the same twilight zone as the likes of King Krule, who we spotted him playing with a few years ago. It's here, in the darkness and the waning rays of moonlight that Jerkcurb's music makes the most sense. It's for all those drunken walks home, where you feel like you're living in cinema. It's for the end of the night dance. In some weird, dark but beautiful way, it's what you can imagine playing as the Titanic sank into the ocean and lovers held dearly onto each other, waiting for death to come and swoop them into serenity. All of which is to say, Jerkcurb's music is devastatingly pretty, it is made for the big moments, and someone should go ahead and put it in a film soundtrack already. Like, film lads, what are you lot doing? Get Jerkcurb on the phone! Put this song in your next movie!

Watch the video for "Night On Earth" below.

You can order the 7" vinyl of "Night On Earth" via Handsome Dad records here. Check below to see where and when Jerkcurb is playing in a postcode near you.

12th August – Old Blue Last, London
23rd August – Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Exploded View)
23rd August – Lock Tavern, London (Lock Tavern Weekender)
28th August – Montague Arms, London
9th September – Scala, London (w/ Beach Baby)