Get Lost With Wicca Phase Springs Eternal in His New Video for "Other Times I Don't Though"

Watch Adam McIlwee skulk around Mulholland Drive like the Bobby Briggs of sentimental trap.

by Emma Garland
25 September 2015, 1:39pm

Morrissey's new novel features the most elaborate and unprobable sex scene in the history of erotic literature. This is particularly significant here because, had Morrissey listened to Wicca Phase Springs Eternal before he wrote it, he might have realised that there is music in the world that sounds exactly like the offspring of a hot and steamy love affair between himself and Chief Keef. Perhaps Moz would have been inspired differently. We'll never know. But with lyrics like "I saw the mobile light come to do me in / I touch yr silhouette go right through me and...", you can trust in Wicca Phase to articulate your sex-charged sentiments into something surreal.

We're premiering the video for "Other Times I Don't Though", featuring main gothboi Adam McIlwee skulking around Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, and Mulholland Drive wearing all black, pointing at stuff and just generally smashing it like the Bobby Briggs of sentimental trap.

Watch below, directed by fellow Thraxxhouse member Kelly Wourms aka Terrys Tacos and shot/edited by Wourms and Alfred Glasslip:

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