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Listen to Dej Loaf's Eleven Track Mixtape, 'All Jokes Aside'

There's so much fire inside this mixtape it should come with a flammable hazard sign.

by Noisey Staff
07 April 2016, 9:45am

Have we grown tired of listening to Dej Loaf's "Try Me" yet? It's been a year and a half since that break-through track was released, propelling the Detroit-based star to stratospheric heights, but nope: it's almost as if we've been predisposed to enjoy the consumate melodic semantics of that song until the world ends. It is a perfect track. Still, it's important to move forward, which is exactly what has happened over the last twelve months when Dej followed up that track with at least three more bangers. And for those who are on the thirst for new music from Dej Loaf since those bangers were released on her debut EP And See That's The Thing last summer, you're in luck, as the MC has released a new 11 track mixtape. Lord, music is dope.

Titled All Jokes Aside, the release is a swirling adventure through and above the atmosphere we've come to expect from Dej Loaf. Which is to say that there's so much fire inside, it should come with a heat warning. As the next step toward the MC's upcoming and long-awaited debut LP, it's a celebration of sorts, too.

"There comes a time in a girl's life where she becomes a young woman," she explained in a press release. "It's called growth, it's called maturity, it's called living life to the full potential and being true to who you are. That's what I represent. I feel good about everything that I am doing right now, because it is what I want to do. Not what anyone else wants me to do; it’s what I want to do. I'm in charge. I run my show. It feels damn good."

Listen and download the mixtape below.

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