The Glastonbury Traffic is a Fucking Mess, As Usual

How much shit and piss do you think is piling up on the side of Somerset's A roads right now?

by Noisey Staff
22 June 2016, 9:35am

It is the Wednesday of Glastonbury Festival, also known as: the one day of the year everybody who isn't going gets to gloat while all 200,000 ticket holders leave their houses at the same time and get stuck in traffic for 12 hours. Now, because it's 2016, there's a hashtag for it (#glastonburytraffic, obviously) so you can follow the whole mess on Twitter and watch everybody attempt to pass the time by turning their road manual into a quiz, playing cricket in the road, drinking heavily - that sort of thing.

According to news reports the traffic is so bad the festival is advising people not to even attempt to get there. The amount of shit and piss piling up on the side of Somerset's A roads right now doesn't bear thinking about.

If you've left already, here's one solution:

To everyone not going - please enjoy your afternoon of smugly posting pictures of yourself wearing slippers and holding a mug of tea, because pretty soon all you'll see and hear is what a great time everybody is having at the greatest festival in the world and your life will be crushed by FOMO.