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Watch an Irish Pub Pay Tribute to Their Late Friend By Crowdsurfing to "Mr Brightside"

Open Up Your Eager Eyes.

by Byron Yan
28 March 2016, 9:52pm

Screencap via Vimeo

The beauty of the Internet is that in a second it can snap you up and place you somewhere else via the power of some decent headphones and posted video. Today, it's taking you to the joyous yet sad scene of an Irish pub, where a bunch of locals decided to toast the funeral of their late friend by going completely HAM to the anthem that is The Killers' "Mr Brightside". One guy even climbs up on the bar, takes his shirt off and almost stage dives into the madness. It is, in essence, the greatest and most 21st century send off you've ever seen.

The video has even caught the attention of the band, as they sent a tweet out that Brian O'Sullivan (the main singer at the pub) could probably easily replace Brandon Flowers. Basically, we're all Mr. Brightside. Watch the video below.

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