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Sasha Keable Is The Queen Of Chill

Her voice is dreamier than listening to whale songs in a satin hammock while your mum strokes your hair.

by Hannah Ewens
31 October 2014, 12:46pm

Everything Sasha Keable does is chilled out. She throws her double denim together more casually than Britney and Justin, her voice is dreamier than falling asleep to Songs of the Humpback Whale in a satin hammock while your mum strokes your hair, and her songs are the soundtrack to the summer you should have spent getting high in the park with your friends (and if that's not how you spent your summer, maybe you should re-think some basic life principles).

Still a summer comedown and in serious need of a tranquil conversation, we decided to give her call at her dads house in South London, where she's hanging out before a massive show at Koko (which she's also feeling chilled about, by the way).

Noisey: Hi Sasha. I’m listening to your recent EP right now. It’s reminding me of Sunday mornings when it’s pissing it down and you know you need to go out and get food or whatever but you end up mooching around your bedroom thinking about life.

Sasha: That’s good. I love all these little definitions of people telling me that they’re listening to my music. I literally get such random tweets. Most people say they listen to my music before they go to bed. So apparently I make really lazy, boring music that makes people want to fall asleep.

It’s those chill vibes.

That’s my intention. I’m not really about making up-tempo, aggressive music. I don’t want people to be having anxiety attacks. For the first EP, I wanted people to be smoking a zoot, chilling with their friends. With the second one it was making music people can get ready to. But people are still tweeting me saying they listen to me before they go to bed!

What do you do to your music? Obviously you don’t just sit there and listen to your music but….

Nah, I do! I listen to myself all the time.


I listen to myself at least once a day. Not my old stuff. But my new stuff, I’ll listen to it back to back at least a hundred times.

What do you think about when you listen to it?

I’m so analytical. I’ll go, my voice sounds shit here, this drum beat is a little bit too on it, and I’ll write notes constantly and go back to whoever I wrote the song with and go, “Yo, we need to do this.” And sometimes I do just like listening to my work. I don’t make anything myself that I wouldn’t want to listen to. If I play a show, I’m singing the songs I’d want to listen to.

How are you feeling about the Koko show?

Performing is tough sometimes, especially as a new artist. There’s a lot of people that don’t know your material. People are standing there in the crowd, not even trying to look like they’re enjoying it. They’re there as if to say, “Impress me”. They might give you a clap at the end of the set but that’s it. But I think it’s kind of all part of the challenge. But yeah, I love performing. It’s my favourite part of the job.

What will you be wearing?

I’ll think I’ll be wearing jeans – some white Levi’s. And trainers.

Is being comfy when you’re performing important then?

God, yeah. That’s so important for me. I’m not one of those people that goes, “It doesn’t matter because it looks good.” I need to move around on stage and not feel like I’m going to fall out. I just like denim because I like being comfortable. You’re always comfortable in denim. Unless it’s skinny jeans and then it’s hell.

Not a skinny jeans girl?

Nah, I am, I’m such a liar. But when you try and cross your legs and do stuff like that it’s hell.

That’s true. I’m also concerned my butt is eating my jeans.

Yeah, trust me. My butt eats my jeans and my thighs are jiggling, which is never a good thing. Ever. But whatever, that’s what you get for having a big booty and big thighs.

You’ve double denimed a fair few times too.

I’m so down with that. I remember being about 14 and doing the double denim, wearing some denim shorts and vintage denim jacket and I had these holey tights I’d ripped to shreads because I really thought I was a punk. Me and my friend thought I looked sick.

Is there ever too much denim?
Never. I saw someone do triple denim the other day and he looked quite good, to be fair.

Like the Britney and Justin denim picture.

That classic picture. That was sick at the time. Everyone loved it. That’s relationship aspiration there, for me. If I could go out in full denim with my hubby, I’d be full haps. I’d definitely marry someone who would do that with me.

Will you marry me? Just kidding. What’s the plan over the next few weeks?

I’m writing for an album. At the moment I’m trying to find a sound and direction for it, which I think is actually the most exciting bit. It’s very stressful but fun.

Will people be dancing or going to bed to it?
You know what, I can probably go out of my way to make bloody dance music and they’d still be asleep. Nah, I think the album will be pretty chilled. The direction I’m going in at the moment is quite dark. That’s where I feel most comfortable at the moment. But I might try and push myself into a happy place. For now I’m just excited for Koko tomorrow.

Enjoy it. And don’t send people to sleep.

No, I’ll try not to. That’d be a great headline. Sasha Keable Sends Whole of Koko To Sleep. Crowd Misses Kwabs.

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