Meat Wave: Totally Gross Band Name, Totally Rippin’ Lo-Fi Punk Band

Listen to half of the Chicago trio's ridiculously furious debut EP.

by Noisey Staff
11 November 2014, 3:13pm

Photo: Katie Hovland

One letter can change everything. For example, America’s Goth Talent. That’s a completely different show right there. Or take the phrase “heat wave.” Change one simple letter and you’ve got one of the grossest, most gag-inducing band names of all time, one that feels just right for Meat Wave. The Chicago band takes the fast and furious lo-fi sounds of bands from the Texas punk scene like The Marked Men and High Tension Wires and turns up the intensity just enough to give the classic sound a whole new meaning. It’s the type of frenetic chemistry most bands can’t even manage to contain. The trio is working on their new EP to be released via Brace Yoruself Records in January and right from the start, the opener “Brother” hits you hard right in the face like a wave of… well, meat. The seven-song EP includes six originals and a cover of The Wipers’ “Mystery.” We legitimately could not wait for it to hit you in the face like a meat wave as well. So here’s the first half of it below. Consider yourselves hooked.

Meat Wave has a few dates coming up in the US and then they head over to London. Buy the EP here.

Nov 13th - The Mutiny, Chicago, IL w/ Fake Limbs, Hot Garbage (free)

Nov 14th - CK's Korner Pub, Benton, IL w/ Dr. Manhattan

Nov 15th - Gabe's, Iowa City, IA w/ Dr. Manhattan

Jan 28th - Shacklewell Arms, London (Free show)